Stand With Ukraine

Please join our effort to raise funds for humanitarian relief in Ukraine.

We – Slovaks living in the United States of America, Slovak-Americans, and Slovak-American institutions – stand unified with our friends in Ukraine against aggression and in protest of attempts to deny their freedom to choose where, how, and with whom they wish to pursue their future.

We express our full support for the sovereignty, independence, and territorial integrity of Ukraine, and for the freedom and democratic rights of the Ukrainian people. We strongly condemn Russia's unjustified and unprovoked military invasion of Ukraine.

As people who endured and still remember the invasion of our own country in 1968 and the decades of occupation that followed, we have a moral obligation to act in solidarity with our neighbors. We are witnessing history repeat itself, and must remember that any threat to democracy and independence is a threat to us all.

Our message is clear: the United States, the European Union, and international institutions must enact strong measures to hold Russia's leadership accountable for their breach of international law. We call upon them to strongly support Ukraine's plight for freedom, peace, and prosperity.

We are asking everyone in the Slovak community in the United States to join our effort to raise funds for humanitarian relief in Ukraine; all donations will benefit the International Committee of the Red Cross.

We stand in unity for peace, democracy, and for the preservation of a free Ukraine.

Slovaks in America


Slovak Institutions, Communities and Representatives in The United States joining together to help Ukraine

  • Radovan Javorčík, Ambassador of Slovakia to the United States
  • Michal Mlynár, Permanent Representative of Slovakia to the United Nations
  • Milan Vrbovský, Consul General of Slovak Republic in New York
  • Honorary Consuls of Slovakia in the United States: Zoltan Gombos, Gregory Fasing, Rosemary Macko Wisnosky, Ross Marine, Peter Muzila, Barbara Pivnicka, Cecilia Rokusek, Joseph Senko, Martin Valko, Edward Zelenak, Steve Zlatos
  • Renáta Kamenárová, Acting director of the Slovak Studies Program at the University of Pittsburgh
  • Ladislava Begeç, Former Consul General of Slovak Republic in New York
  • Jana Ragucci, Former Consul General of Slovak Republic in New York